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Commercial Fences


RAM Fence Mission Statement: To consistently provide the customer with the most appropriate, highest quality solution at a competitive price, within the required time schedule.

With today’s heightened security awareness and homeland security measures, the need for perimeter security solutions is at an all time high. For perimeter protection and control, customers rely on RAM Fence to provide quality design, installation and service of fencing, access control and vehicle barrier systems. RAM Fence has evolved into a unique company able to provide a blend of commercial fencing, perimeter security, access control and gate automation. RAM Fence takes great pride in serving our customers and recognizes that strong customer relationships and satisfied customers are the key to ongoing success. RAM Fence has also developed strong relationships with leading technology manufacturers for the various products, kind of fences and solutions offered.

In today’s economic times it is important to choose a company with the financial resources, manpower, and proper equipment to get the job done right and on time. With both our bonding abilities and insurance limits high enough to take on any commercial fence project.

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