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Materials of the future in construction

The world is constantly changing and evolving but, in recent years, the change in construction and architecture has been taking place more strongly than in other sectors. Possibly this is due, among other things, to the rise of the ideas of sustainability, energy efficiency and respect for the environment by which we are surrounded today. This new thought has permeated society, in demand, and forces us to rethink architecture and with it its materials. It will no longer be valid with the most spectacular, expensive or tallest building, it will also be necessary that the constructions be respectful with the planet, of quality and that they consume little energy. The last excesses of construction in past years have done nothing more than prop up this thought and now architecture seems to be called upon to command this shift towards sustainability.


In a recent post we were already talking about wood as a very suitable material for sustainable construction as long as it comes from responsible logging. But not only that, the MGA architecture studio and DVVD engineering have developed massive wooden panels, which can be up to 2.40 x 20 meters and in various thicknesses, and can be used directly as structural material. These are counter-laminated panels, made up of layers of wood arranged longitudinally and transversely, glued together, forming solid wood plates.

Sin ir más lejos, en Lleida, la empresa Altermateria ha construido mediante estas placas de madera un edificio de 6 plantas de altura. Además, como la madera es mejor aislante que el hormigón, estos edificios tienen un mejor comportamiento térmico y son más eficientes energéticamente. Por supuesto, el uso de paneles de madera y de sus derivados no se limita solo a la estructura de los edificios sino que puede extenderse a particiones interiores, fachadas etc.